Sexualizing abuse Sexualizing abuse

What happens when you beat a sex object? Or hang her? Or rape her? Or hogtie and torture her?

Pop culture is filled with images of women as objects. It’s also filled with images of women as abused objects. But then, the two go hand in hand: Objects have no feelings to empathize with, no lives of their own to interrupt or worry about. They can exist just for sadistic pleasure.

Oddly, I’m not seeking to shame anyone who gets aroused by these images. People tend to unconsciously absorb their culture like a sponge – we all do. Even my women’s studies students and the feminist blogs I read register a taste for this stuff. No surprise that so many find it sexy, our society is so filled with these images.

At the same time, I’m not dismissing the issue. Whether you want to participate or fight…

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Daisy Coleman, Matthew Barnett Daisy Coleman, Matthew Barnett

Trigger Warning: May be triggering for rape victims.

Plenty of people think rape is perpetrated by men who are sick in the head, or men who can’t control their lust for scantily clad women – especially women walking around late at night.

But as most know, rape primarily revolves around power issues. And relatedly, sexual assault is often used to create a sense of manhood and male superiority. The case of Daisy Coleman, who I wrote about recently, helps unveil the evil phenomenon.

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Gender equality is good for men — and for everyone, says CUNY Professor, Michael Kimmel, expert on men and masculinity, and all-around good guy.

Check out his TED Talk. (I summarize his main points below — and add a few of my own.)

How is gender equality good for men? And for everyone?

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Fifty Shades Darker:An Abusive Fairy Tale That Robs Women Of Sexual Freedom

By professors,Sarah Aston,Karalyn Mcdonald, and Maggie Kirkman Monash University are Gloria Steinem’s great important quotes on the great informative’s Gloria page about how pornography sexualizes,eroticizes,and normalizes men’s domination,women’s submission,and men’s violence and teaches that this is what sex is,and no other equal alternatives. And how she said we have to eroticize equality. And also what she says about sadomasochism being in society’s where is a lot of child abuse,and also that the confusion of sex with violence is most obvious in any form of sadomasochism.


Gloria also said we’ve learned about the clear linkage between a society’s degree of child abuse and it’s degree of adult sadomasochism,many people grow up with the conviction that pain and humiliation are an inevitable part of love and intimacy.


I have her best selling great book since it came out in the Fall of 1983,Outrageous Acts And Everyday Rebellions and so I had a lot of her quotes from there,but I see she revised some of them in her 1995 addition and added to it.What I don’t understand at all,is why hasn’t she spoken out against Fifty Shades Of Grey for normalizing and sexualizing the same *exact* harmful injustices? Even one of the many women on who gave the book a bad review and said on every level,artistically,politically and psychologically the book is misogynistic junk and she said Gloria Steinem speak out against this crap book PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!