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My previous article offered evidence that domestic violence and rape exist in Fifty Shades of Grey. The most common response I’m receiving is, “So what? It’s not real.”

Correct. Fifty Shades of Grey is fiction.

Have you ever read a piece of fiction and been affected by it? I know I have. Most literature-lovers thrive on fiction because of its effect on them. I read fiction to temporarily “escape” from my life. It’s how I de-stress. Many readers turn to fiction for escape. If fiction can have a positive effect on people’s lives, why can’t it have a negative effect? If some pieces of fiction create a safe escape, can’t some fiction create an unsafe escape?

First, I point out that succumbing to illegal stalking, domestic violence, and rape is not any sort of enjoyment or escape at all. Of course, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the sexual content…

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broken quiet

Warning: This article contains quotes from Fifty Shades of Grey and other adult content which may not be suitable for minors or may be triggering to survivors of abuse.

This article is only to prove that the character Christian Grey:
A. has a dangerous personality,
B. performs illegal actions through stalking and verbal threats,
C. abuses and rapes Anastasia Steele, who withdraws consent

Let’s get started.


A. Christian Grey has a toxic personality, which makes him dangerous. 
Christian Grey is a narcissist – someone who is egocentric, has a lack of empathy for others, has a strong sense of entitlement, is an extravagant spender, and is preoccupied with fantasy. Some examples of this behavior exhibited by Christian include:
Chapter 5 – buys Ana lingerie (before they have even started forming any sort of relationship).
Chapter 13 – buys Ana a car
Chapter 21: “’It’s my company, it’s my jet.’ He sounds…

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This a great October 2012 article by political science graduate Moria Byrne Garton,in which she describes the things that are so common and deep rooted in the male dominated woman-hating rape culture.and she discusses the 1993,which was updated,Anthology,Transforming A Rape Culture.And she says such a culture is emboldened by bad fiction marketed as erotica to women,( and she has a highlighted link to an article,Supermarket Porn by Kara Martin that talks about how harmful Fifty Shades of Grey really is) where the female protagonist submits,physically,emotionally,sexually and financially to the male ”hero”.